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Christ Church was founded in 1874 by Joseph Foster under a trust deed as a 200-seat church built in Kentish Ragstone with a 46-ft-high bell tower. Alongside built at the same time was a school hall, with upper room, a small kitchen and outside toilet, also with Kentish Ragstone. 

Around the time of the second world war, Christ Church became more associated with the Parish Church and Anglicanism. In 1956, the Archbishop of Canterbury cemented the relationship and the church had a letter of Agreement for 30 years which made provision for a Curate-in-Charge to be provided by the Parish whilst remaining Evangelical. This agreement ceased in 1985 when the Archbishop gave notice that of a review of clergy in the area was being undertaken and that with dwindling congregations the number of clergy was being revised.

A Christian church rooted in the Anglican tradition, Christ Church has been part of the Free Church of England since 1986. The Book of Common Prayer 1959 is at the centre of all services.

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Who We Are

Christ Church, Willesborough, is one of the churches in the Free Church of England.

The church is part of the Southern Diocese of the FCE.

The principles, canons, constitution, byelaws, etc., can all be found in the denominational website

We have been blessed with the prayers, teaching and guidance of many Ministers through the years. 

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